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Most people want to remain in their homes as they age. The programs on this page help older adults continue to live at home by assisting with home repairs and modifications to make their homes safer, more affordable, and more accessible.

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Low-income older homeowners in the City of Folsom may apply for assistance to make repairs or modifications to create a safe and healthy home.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: Folsom residents who meet income guidelines and are at least 65 years old or at least 55 years old with a verified disability

Address: 50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 461-6203

Email: program staff names and email addresses are listed on the website

Website: https://www.folsom.ca.us/government/community-development/housing-services/seniors-helping-seniors-home-repair-program

This program provides qualified households with energy- and water-savings products and weatherization services to help lower utility costs.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: household must be in Sacramento, Sutter, or Yuba counties and meet income requirements; see website or contact the program for details

Address: 250 Harris Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838

Phone: (916) 567-5220

Email: info@cresource.org

Website: https://www.communityresourceproject.org/Services/Free-Energy-Efficiency-Program

Note: weatherization services are funded by the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Low-income homeowners can apply for home repair assistance to allow them to safely continue to live in their homes.

Cost: must be able to pay 20% of the repair cost and may need to contribute some work hours towards the project

Who Is Eligible: low-income homeowners in Sacramento or Yolo counties; income limits depend on county and household size, see website or contact program for financial eligibility criteria

Address: 819 North 10th Street, Sacramento, CA, 95811

Phone: (916) 440-1215

Email: communitydevelopment@habitatgreatersac.org

Website: https://habitatgreatersac.org/home-ownership/homerepair/home-repair/#

Customers who meet financial eligibility requirements can receive free products and services to increase energy efficiency, such as refrigerator replacement, furnace or water heater repair or replacement, caulking and insulation, weatherproofing, energy-efficient light bulbs, and low-flow showerheads.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: PG&E customers who live in houses, apartments, or mobile homes that are at least 5 years old and who meet household income limits, see website or contact program for details

Phone: (800) 933-9555

Website: https://www.pge.com/en_US/residential/save-energy-money/help-paying-your-bill/energy-reduction-and-weatherization/energy-savings-assistance-program/energy-savings-assistance-program.page

This non-profit helps older adults make their homes safer by modifying or installing items such as handrails, grab bars, wheelchair ramps, and improved lighting. They also provide free minor home energy improvements for low- and moderate-income homeowners in the Sacramento area. Trained installers may apply weather-stripping and caulking, replace inefficient lighting, insulate wall plates, and/or install water-saving shower heads.

Cost: no cost for homeowners who meet income qualifications, fee-for-service for other clients

Who Is Eligible: anyone in Sacramento County can pay for services, must meet eligibility requirements for free services (see website or contact program for details)

Address: P.O. Box 255584, Sacramento, CA 95825-5584

Phone: (916) 455-1880

Email: can send message through Contact Us page on website

Website: http://rebuildingtogethersacramento.org/

Note: renters are eligible for fee-based services but must get owner approval for modifications

Low-income homeowners can apply for emergency home repair assistance to correct health and safety hazards.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: low-income homeowners in the cities of Sacramento, Galt, Folsom, and Isleton or in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County who live in their own homes and meet financial eligibility requirements

Address: 630 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 440-1317

Website: https://www.shra.org/homeowner-resources/

Note: applications are only accepted from June 1 - August 31 and from December 1 - February 28

Those who are able to do their own home repairs and maintenance can borrow equipment and supplies from this community tool library.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: anyone

Address: 1516 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815

Phone: (916) 488-6441

Website: https://northsacfreetoollibrary.myturn.com/library/?defaultPage=true

This whole-house efficiency program offers rebates to SMUD customers who take steps to make their homes more efficient, such as upgrading heating and cooling systems. Homeowners work with approved contractors to identify needed improvements and select an appropriate upgrade package.

Cost: homeowners are responsible for the cost of upgrades, minus the rebate

Who Is Eligible: SMUD customers

Phone: (916) 732-5732

Email: AdvancedHomeSolutions@smud.org

Website: https://www.smud.org/en/Rebates-and-Savings-Tips/Improve-Home-Efficiency

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