Older drivers actually have fewer vehicle accidents than any other age group. However, age-related physical and cognitive changes can make driving more difficult. Plus, owning a vehicle can be expensive. The programs listed below assist older drivers overcome physical and financial challenges in order to continue to drive safely. There are also some resources for those who are concerned about their loved one's driving. See also Alternatives To Driving.

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AAA offers senior defensive driving courses that teach older drivers about age-related physical changes that can affect driving skills and ways to adjust to these changes. This course is available online and may also be available in person.

Cost: registration fee (discounts for AAA members, see website for current pricing)

Who Is Eligible: anyone (targeted for older drivers)

Phone: (877) 476-1254 

Website: https://exchange.aaa.com/safety/senior-driver-safety-mobility/aaa-roadwise-driver/

Note: drivers who successfully complete the course may receive discounts on auto insurance

AAA offers a variety of information to promote safety among older drivers, such as tips on evaluating one's driving abilities and information about state laws and resources.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: anyone

Website: https://exchange.aaa.com/safety/senior-driver-safety-mobility/

AARP offers a driver safety course that covers techniques to keep older drivers safe on the road. This course may be taken online or in person.

Cost: registration fee (AARP members receive a discount, check website for current pricing)

Who Is Eligible: drivers 50 and older

Phone: (800) 350-7025 or (888) 227-7669 

Email: customerservice@aarpdriversafety.org 

Website: https://www.aarpdriversafety.org/

Notes: drivers who complete this course may be eligible for discounts on their vehicle insurance

This website provides information about license renewal and testing for older California drivers and other information about California driving regulations and requirements. The website also includes information about how health conditions may affect driving, links to driver safety courses, and resources for those needing to find alternative transportation.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: anyone (targeted to California drivers 70 and older)

Website: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/driver-education-and-safety/special-interest-driver-guides/senior-drivers/

This program seeks to keep older drivers driving for as long as they can do so safely. They serve as a liaison between the public and the DMV to ensure that older drivers are treated fairly and with dignity. Program staff give presentations on senior driving issues and may assist with individual cases involving older drivers facing restriction or loss of their drivers' licenses.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: anyone (targeted to older California drivers)

Phone: (916) 657-6464 

Website: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/driver-education-and-safety/special-interest-driver-guides/senior-drivers/

Eligible drivers can qualify for low-cost liability auto insurance.

Cost: insurance premiums vary (see website for details)

Who Is Eligible: must be 16 or older, have a valid California driver's license, own a vehicle valued at $25,000 or less, have a good driving record, and meet household income eligibility requirements (see website for details)

Phone: (866) 602-8861

Email: CRB@insurance.ca.gov

Website: https://www.mylowcostauto.com/

Note: insurance agents and community organizations may assist with the application process

The NCOA provides information and tips for drivers experiencing hearing loss.

This website provides information about how to adapt a vehicle to accommodate a driver's disability.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: anyone

Phone: (888) 327-4236 

Website: https://www.nhtsa.gov/road-safety/adapted-vehicles

Through written materials and videos, this website offers practical information and advice on topics related to older drivers, such as how medical conditions may affect driving, tips for driving safely, and how to talk to an older adult about driving.

Cost: no cost

Who Is Eligible: anyone

Phone: (888) 327-4236 

Website: https://www.nhtsa.gov/road-safety/older-drivers

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