About This Website

This website came about when COVID-19 disrupted the internships of many Sacramento State University Gerontology majors. In 2021, instead of interning with local agencies, a dozen students worked with Professor Catheryn Koss to build the online resource directory for older adults and caregivers in Sacramento County. The students reviewed similar directories, learned about universal design principles, and decided as a group what information to include and how to present it. Each student chose topics that were of interest to them and found local, state, and national resources related to these topics. They wrote brief descriptions and selected the photos for their pages. You will see the names of these students at the bottom of many pages of this website. 

Click on this link to learn more about how this website came about and the students who worked on it: 

Gerontology students find a way to stay on track to graduation while creating a needed resource

This site is maintained and updated by Professor Koss, Gerontology students, and members of the Sacramento County Adult and Aging Commission. It continues to be a wonderful learning experience for students, and we hope it is useful to the Sacramento community.